Mr. Robot with Rami Malek

Mr. Robot promo with Rami Malek LOVED this project! We designed and built this “in the system” set, and animated it with one of our favorite photographers, the amazing Jordan Hollender and Hollender X. sidenote? Turns out Rami is also an excellent dancer 🙂

H&M “Closing the Loop”

H&M on Closing the Loop from Mixtape Club Razor Fabricated all the artwork as well as designed and built the system to carry it through your screen! Check out Our Vimeo for the other 3 in the series!

Don’t Fuck With Love By The Sad Little Stars

“Don’t Fuck With Love” is a one minute and thirty second stop-motion animated film set to the song of the same name by the group The Sad Little Stars. It won a bunch of awards including 2nd place at SXSW film festival, and toured the country with Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival […]

H&M on Water Stewardship

Production Company: Wanted Media & Mixtape Club Director: Bela Borsodi Wanted Media EP: Rene Bastian, Tina Preschitz Producer: Laura Weber Copy Writer: Thymaya Payne Mixtape Club ECD: Jesse Casey, Chris Smith Producer: Desiree Stavracos, Jess Pierek, Kate Johnson, Bruce Moreau Art Director: Alex Mapar Technical Director: Michelle Higa Fox Fabrication: Razor Productions Art Director (Live-Action): […]