Directing and Producing Animation again with Digitas!, Thanks Guys!! Gifting from RaZor Productions

Thanksgiving for American Express from RaZor Productions

We Directed and Produced a series of these stop motion sweeties for Pitney Bowes. from RaZor Productions.

H&M on Closing the Loop from Mixtape Club
Razor Fabricated all the artwork as well as designed and built the system to carry it through your screen! Check out Our Vimeo for the other 3 in the series!

We built this amazing Paper House and Pumpkins, We LOVE paper and we ADORE stop motion!

We created the 3d Dioramas for this project! The Amazing Michelle Higa Fox from Slanted Directing.

Careful, Baby, this one’s creepy! Daniel Garcia Directing.

We were hired to Build and Stop Motion Animate this Pop up Book to help promote Machete Kills on Adult Swim.
More! More!

We were hired to create this Pop up Book and Animate it to help promote Showtime’s 3rd season of their show Shameless.
It was an Epic Project!
Just in!: Found out the project won a Promax award! Nice!

We produced, directed and edited this promo video for our favorite cover band. The Trevor Exter Band should play your next event!

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