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We can dream, design, build, and make anything dance

Welcome to Razor Productions! Fronted by creative director Rachel McIntosh, we direct, design, style, animate & fabricate conscious content and specialize in creating squeals. We are a one stop shop for all projects that pop up, unwind, surprise and delight your imagination. Ask us how we can help shepherd your great idea from conception to completion.
Bonus: We’re also extra dedicated to an eco-conscious, sustainable and mindful production model so you can build your worlds without harming this one.

From creating miniature post-apocalyptic San Franciscos to animating 9 foot tall inflatable Beetlejuice Sandworms, our goal is to surprise and delight with content that’s more than just fun to watch.
This is storytelling with a mission that’s good for any screen, any planet, and anyone.

Please have fun exploring our portfolio, and if you like, come visit! Our HQ is based in an old carriage house in East Williamsburg and features tabletop animation setups, crafting areas, chill coworking space and a prop/materials treasure trove.

Come have a hot cup of tea and play at your local, Eco and Human-Friendly Fabrication & Imagination Studio.

Reach out to us today, we'd love to hear from you.
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We'd love to hear from you